About Us

The Educated Moron is a group of self-proclaimed social media addicts, interested in everything that is cool on internet – Blogs, Memes, Funny Videos, Viral Articles etc.

Who are we ?
Regular office going people, stuck in their (rather well paying) jobs. We are 5 people, living in different parts of the country who share common interests. The one thin which brings us together is our sense of humour, which reflects on our Facebook page.

Is this site funded by any investor?
No, we are funding it from our own pockets.

What is our vision for this website?
We wanted to provide a free platform to everyone to showcase their work free of cost. We believe that original author should get credits for his work and should be appreciated well for his/her creation whether it is a simple meme or a detailed blog.

How did we built this site ?
We are not industrial techies, and often don’t understand big IT terms. We had “Google” to support us.

Why don’t you show flashy advertisements to fund your website ?
We don’t like those and we believe, people don’t like them either. Any ad you will come across on the site would be a classy one from well reputed brands/websites, and not a flashy one.

I already have a blog, I don’t want to write here again. What should I do ?
Just contact us. If you have RSS feed setup in your blog, our bots can fetch them and post it on your behalf with backlink and tracks to your website. We have absolutely no problem with this. You can see below url as an example.


Do you want to help us ?
We believe in mouth-to-mouth publicity and we don’t have money to advertise. If you really liked us, please tell your friends about us. Let them join us and help to make a community 🙂

The Educated Moron is not responsible for any posts which is posted by its users. User and only user is responsible for whatever he posts here and is liable for any damage it caused. However if someone finds anything offensive, they can contact us via facebook page or via form given below.


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